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Heal Yourself with cosmoenergy

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You no longer need to be a professional healer to help yourself

Introducing COSMOENERGY for everyone

When we feel less than ideal, the first step we tend to take is to find help. This is a good practice. However, many times we find ourselves stuck in a loop of dead ends. If you are searching for a cure to your ailments you may be going from doctor to doctor and still can’t seem to improve. If it is a matter of finances, you may be endlessly looking for better paying jobs or trying to move to more economical areas, in order to stretch your dollar or have more to buy the things you need and want. And let’s not forget about romance and relationships. If there is instability and chaos within your relationships or you feel alone and unable to find companionship, it also appears to be an endless search of the right matchmaker, the right psychotherapist or even the right psychic.

What if I told you that there are ways to obtain the same kind of power that a cosmoenergy healer has, without having to go through all the initiations, years of learning and desire to help others. What if I told you that, if you are cleansed energetically, you can get initiated into one or two healing channels that are specific to the issue you are having, so that you can help yourself!

I am so excited to offer this opportunity to you! This will be simple and quick and you can move past some of the most troublesome obstacles you have lived through without having to rely on others as much. Yes, we will always need a doctor from time to time. Yes, we will always need to work to make money. Yes, we will always gain tremendous growth from difficult relationships and going to therapy is a must for our evolution. But yes, you can TAKE CHARGE OF YOURSELF and feel in control of your live in every way by having access to channels of energy that can set you free from your obstacles.

What will this process involve?

First you will need to have a cosmoenergy session to cleanse you energetically and determine if you are a good candidate to get initiated onto the channels associated with your needs. Once that is determined, take a brief introductory class to cosmoenergy, then you can schedule a one on one 90 minutes session in which you will be initiated onto the two channels needed plus the main channel to have access, then learn how to use them on yourself and how to develop their strength. All of it can be done via zoom or in person. You can set up coaching sessions as needed, but most people may just need reminders about the process at the beginning stages and then they are good to go.


Visit my Cosmoenergy dedicated website: www.AileenNealie.COM

Give me a call or send an email to further discuss. This can save you lots of time, money and energy in this lifetime.

Aileen Nealie, Intuitive Frequency Mediator

Phone: 310-770-6786

Email: [email protected]