Holistic psychotherapy, energy psychology, working with mind, body and spirit. Cosmoenergy healing and initiations. Coaching.www.sanaconcosmoenergia.com
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Below you will find descriptions of Aileen Nealie's recorded guided meditations . CDs can be purchased through our store

Go to the Events' page for information on classes and workshops.

Chakra Balancing with Nature

A guided meditation piece that helps you balance your energy centers while creatively taking  you through vivid nature scenes and sounds. Enter my visual world through the images above.

Healing the​ Heart

In this guided piece, you become your own healer while inviting and working with divine entities that help you clear the layers of pain accumulated within.

Encontrando Mi Voz

A visualization in Spanish to help you find your voice within and feel empowered to take on the world. Inmerse yourself in the forest and feel the power of the ancient trees.