Holistic psychotherapy, energy psychology, working with mind, body and spirit. Cosmoenergy healing and initiations. Coaching.www.sanaconcosmoenergia.com
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Check in periodically, as we will include a list of workshops, guided meditation classes and other events taking place at The Center for Tranquility and Restoration and in different locations around the world.

Like us on Facebook @TranquilityandRestoration, where you can RSVP to events as well.

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Cosmoenergia para aspirantes a ser sanadores

Visit www.SanaconCosmoenergia.com Eventos for information in Spanish

Seminario Web de Cosmoenergia

Expo Vida Consciente 2020


Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 5pm and 8pm at The Hilton Hotel by LAX

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Spiritual Growth and Healing: Meditation and Energy Healing for those who are ready to evolve and find their truth

Healing Happens

Spiritual Growth and Healing Meditation and Energy Healing

Raise Your Vibration and Open Your Path with Cosmoenergy

Get Ready New York City!

 Cosmoenergy is the greatest kept healing secret from Russia, and through this workshop, you get to experience its transformational power with Aileen Nealie, a highly evolved Cosmoenergy Healer and Progressor, who is internationally acclaimed . Come ready to raise your vibration, balance your energy, and clear stubborn blockages from either your health, relationships or prosperity. You MUST BE READY to receive the blessings and rid yourself from what has stopped you from being the best you, you can be.(Read below payment option for more details).

Those present will be a part of a drawing.  One person will win an individual 60 minutes cosmoenergy session with Aileen valued at $275. Exclusive individual session rates will be available to those who attend.

When: Saturday, March 30th, 2019

Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm

Investment: $55 ($65 at door)

Location: Reflections Yoga  227 E. 24TH St.

New York, NY 10010

Limited space. Reserve by making payment here.

Raise Your Vibration and Heal with Cosmoenergy

More on Cosmoenergy and NYC Workshop

So many individuals give up on themselves and feel defeated in life, simply because they are unaware of what to fix. Their energy fields may be contaminated; keeping them drained, stagnant and even invisible. As if that wasn’t enough; most people do not know how to protect their energy fields. This contributes to the absorption of others’ energetic debris. The issue can become so debilitating that, illness begins or worsens, there is an inability to sustain meaningful relationships due to their low or toxic energy, and nothing can be manifested; no matter how smart the person might be. The only way to manifest and create movement in one’s life is by keeping one’s vibration high. And before someone’s vibration has improved, they must cleanse their energy fields and learn how to shield themselves from others.

Cosmoenergy is a healing method that uses the informational component of the Universe. It is comprised of many healing channels, specific to situations and conditions of a human being or space. These healing channels are transferred into a human body through their chakra centers.  A cosmoenergy healer has access to these channels and has learned which channels are appropriate to open for each situation presented. Individuals are cleansed, and charged with positive energies to help their energy fields vibrate at an optimal frequency. Raising our vibrations and maintaining our fields in this higher state is the beginning of it all. This is when change happens. This is when a person gives themselves a true opportunity in life. This is what this workshop is all about.

In 3 hours we will learn about how to raise our vibration and preserve it, how to shield ourselves from others’ energy and most importantly, you will be receiving direct cosmoenergy cleansing from Aileen Nealie.

If you are ready to gift yourself with a fair chance in life, Cosmoenergy awaits you.


Guided Meditation/Visualization Classes


Payment must be received in advance to secure your spot.

Align with the New Year: A Healing Meditation

After all the festivities; lots of eating, drinking, staying up late, connecting with many people’s energies; it is time to align your physical, emotional and spiritual selves with the new year. Through this meditation, Aileen will be sending you the proper energy to help with your alignment.

When: Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Time: 10:30am to 11:30am

Cost: $25

Space is limited. Your spot will be reserved with advance payment. 48 HOURS CANCELLATION REQUIRED TO OBTAIN FULL REFUND AND TO ALLOW OTHERS TO SIGN UP AS WELL.

Align with New Year Meditation