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What is Cosmoenergy?

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Every human being is surrounded by life force, also referred to as “biofield.” This life force not only surrounds us, but also flows within our physical body. It is the most vital source of functioning for our bodies. This life force flows through our chakras and meridians. (See photos above). It not only supports our physical body, but also our emotions, and our minds.

Every being has different frequency levels. Our organs vibrate at different levels as well. Even emotions and feelings have different frequencies.Our body is constantly healing itself. However, due to sudden or ongoing negative feelings and thoughts, the flow of life force is disrupted. Our physical, mental and spiritual bodies start to vibrate at a lower level, which, in turn; causes physical and mental illness. The same is the case when we are exposed to other beings who carry negativity. We tend to absorb the intense lower vibrations of others, which require us to learn how to shield ourselves for optimum level of functioning. Cosmoenergy healing clears negative energies from our biofield, chakras, meridians and organs. This is achieved as your healer has access to different healing channels that can be installed through each person's chakras. Once cleansed, it charges us with positive energies to help our energy fields vibrate at their normal frequencies or even at higher frequencies.

Cosmoenergy healing is a channeled healing that comes from a pure source. Every person receives exactly the amount of energy they are ready for, in order to restore and clear the blockage associated with the issue in hand. This is the reason why the number of sessions needed vary from person to person.

This energy source not only helps cure physical illnesses, but also helps to improve ones’ mental and spiritual well-being.

According to the law of attraction, entering a high vibration can only but attract even higher vibrations. This is when healing and manifestation take place.  After receiving Cosmoenergy healing, an inevitable 

transformation takes place in each person. Depending on what the intention and focus of healing is for each person, as well as the level of readiness and openness to transform; radical changes in people’s lives will occur. All for the better. This is why setting a very specific intention is key to experiencing results.

During a healing session, the client will be sitting with eyes closed while the Cosmoenergy healer works through the client’s chakra centers (sometimes by physical touch, other times by opening energy channels at a near distance). The more relaxed the client is, the easier the process can be. Emotions can come up as well as mental images. After each session, the client can discuss the process with its healer. 

You will normally receive a lot of information from Aileen, as she is able to tune in to you and give you clear messages for your future or details about your life and the origin of the problem. Usually, the recommended number of sessions for a specific intention is between 5 to 7 sessions. In most cases, these sessions should take place in intervals of 1 to 2 sessions per week. This work can also be done at a distance.

***It is very important to remember that, if a client is under medical care, he/she must continue medications and treatment, since energy healing modalities are complimentary to your health and healing.