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Cosmoenergy Initiations/Coaching

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I am honored to work with those who are called to work as cosmoenergy healers. The journey will test you, and if you past your tests, you will be able to share this gift with others. Some individuals choose to initiate into cosmoenergy channels simply to help themselves. Not everyone is interested in working as a healer for others. However, as a progressor, I will only initiate individuals who I instinctively feel are the right candidates to carry these channels. As I see it, a tremendous responsibility comes with having access to these healing channels. This is the reason why I provide coaching in conjunction with the initiations. There is much to learn before and after initiations. There are 5 blocks in which a person can get initiated. These are classical blocks of cosmoenergy. The Buddhist Block, the Magical Block, the Fourth Block, Zorostrianism and the Magister Block. Each block has from 20 to 36 channels. Initiations are only given one block at a time, as the person being initiated needs a specific time frame to work with each channel to be be able to master it.  Initiations will usually take place in groups. If you are interested and serious about this commitment, please contact me to further discuss. Email me: [email protected]