Holistic psychotherapy, energy psychology, working with mind, body and spirit. Cosmoenergy healing and initiations. Coaching.www.sanaconcosmoenergia.com
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Aileen Nealie

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Aileen Nealie

I am an intuitive frequency mediator, and licensed psychotherapist specializing in holistic energy psychology.

Having been highly intuitive since childhood, I come from a family lineage of healers. My maternal grandmother was called the “magical healer of children,” and every time I used to visit her, her living room was filled with parents and ill children waiting to see her. Her healing hands were known to cure them from diseases that doctors could not do much about.

Throughout the years, my work has led me on a truly beautiful journey. In 2010, I opened my Center for Tranquility and Restoration in Santa Clarita, CA. In 2019, I was honored to be named one of Los Angeles’ Top 10 therapists. I’ve presented at the LA Conscious Expo and have also served as a guest on various podcasts and TV shows with global reach. I’m also a published author on the topic of Visualization with my book, Visualize Yourself: Designing the Outcome of Your Life: One Issue at a Time.

In addition to the services and products outlined on this website, I also offer energy healing & initiations and public speaking services as an intuitive frequency mediator. Please visit my personal healing website to learn more about my work in these additional areas. aileennealie.com

The completion of my certification in Nutrition and Healthy Living through Cornell University will allow me to introduce nutritional consulting to complement your mental health's healing journey.

I’m thrilled and humbled that your healing journey has led you here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding services, products, or any other questions that you might have, and welcome!


May 25, 2023 - Click on link below