Holistic psychotherapy, energy psychology, working with mind, body and spirit. Cosmoenergy healing and initiations. Coaching.www.sanaconcosmoenergia.com
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Aileen Nealie

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Aileen Nealie, LMFT, DCEP, Cosmoenergy Progressor

Aileen Nealie is a Licensed Holistic Psychotherapist in the state of California (LMFT) and a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (DCEP) - awarded by The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. She is a former radio talk show host to Holistic Answers to Mental Health (2010-2011) with Voice America, a well-respected speaker (both in English and Spanish) and workshop facilitator in the areas of Visualization and Cosmoenergy. In addition, she is a Progressor/Channeler and Coach in Cosmoenergy; one of the newest methods discovered in Russia, to accelerate the removal of blockages that keep people stuck in all areas of their life. Her creative and intuitive nature is exemplified through her visualization CDs and through her book entitled: Visualize Yourself: Designing the Outcome of Your Life: One Issue at a Time

Ms. Nealie has been awarded Best Psychotherapist in Santa Clarita Valley for 4 years in a row since 2013. In 2019 was chosen as one of the top 10 therapists in all of Los Angeles County by Motion Picture Entertainment Magazine.Her center and practice are both based in Santa Clarita, CA.

For public speaking engagements please contact Aileen Nealie at: [email protected]