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Holistic Psychotherapy     Guided Meditation     Cosmoenergy Healing     

Other Holistic Practices


Holistic Psychotherapy

Helping others achieve long lasting emotional stability is my main goal as a therapist. If your past experiences in psychotherapy have primarily been handled with just compassionate listening and support, you will most likely experience a re-occurring event that will have you forever returning to counseling. Weather your issues are related to life transitions, life stressors or emotional distress, I am ready to gift you with tools you can carry and practice for life, so that you may feel empowered to know how to help yourself throughout life's challenges.

 As a holistic practitioner I aim to help you find the origin of the problem without having to relive it, and help you arrive at a true healing point faster than by simply utilizing talk therapy. I have a certification in energy psychology (known as accupuncture without needles). I also aim at helping you attain your goals without psychothropic medications (although there are some instances when it is necessary to use medication for stabilization).

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Guided Meditation

As a psychotherapist, many come to me with high levels of anxiety, which make it very difficult for those who suffer from such to "silence the brain chatter" and meditate successfully. 

The ultimate goal of traditional meditation;  known as mindful meditation, is to silence your thoughts and be able to remain in silence with only a mantra or the rythym of your breath.

By using guided meditation (also known as visualization), individuals are able to focus on the images narrated, while learning to utilize their breath and achieve peace of mind.

Each class will have a theme, as my book: Visualize Yourself promotes. 

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A life changing energetic method that can clear; not only emotional issues, but physical and karmic. It opens your energy centers to conduct healing. One must be ready for change, as it can be rapidly achieved. 

Cosmoenergy can be used for clearing and unblocking anything: from business and relationship issues, to unexplained blockages in your life path, to mental and physical issues, generational patterns and much more. 

Aileen Nealie is a Cosmoenergy Progressor. Initiated and trained by Dmitrii Voevodin (founder and director of the International School kosmoenergetiki in Russia) and Natasha Cooke (Progressor and Creator of the Cosmoenergy Portal School). Most recently (March 2018), initiated into newer and higher vibrational frequencies by Progressor and Head of the School of Cosmoenergetics Igor Andreev; one of the most accelerated healers known in Russia.

Aileen can initiate others into the traditional frequencies and will coach and teach about cosmoenergy as well.

A session will include a discussion and feedback about what came up during the session and what to work on next. 

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About Us

The Center for Tranquility and Restoration was created to provide individuals with an overall holistic treatment for their mental, emotional and spiritual selves; many times indirectly benefiting their physical health as well. 

As of May 3rd, 2021 there will be in person visits for a limited number of clients. Teletherapy remains the primary source of treatment. 

(zoom or skype)

For appts. call: 310-770-6786